Saint or Sinner WebGil McDonald's Saint or Sinner is a fast-paced page-turner. The story begins with bounty-hunter Vance chasing after a gang of outlaws. Having the men in sight, Vance's horse is shot out from under him before he can fire off a round. His horse tumbles head first, lands on top of Vance and injures him. In the middle of nowhere, with the sun beating down on his head, Vance is rescued by an odd father and son team. Accepting the ride to town, Vance climbs into the back of the wagon to find a boy who won't talk or look at him. Later, Vance discovers the two men who helped him aren't just odd, they're downright vicious. The son is married to the boy's sister, Molly. Accompanied by his father, the son abuses the boy and Molly on a daily basis, prompting Vance to help the boy and Molly escape a life of torture.

This story is mainly told through Vance's POV, and he is one heckuva hero. The strong, silent type, Vance endears himself to the reader from the first page. He has a strong set of morals and I liked how he thinks matters through before jumping into a difficult situation and bringing more harm than good. Molly is a sweetheart of a heroine. She's accepted her lot in life, bearing the brunt of her husband's hand to shield her brother. When Vance presents himself as the only chance at freedom for herself and her brother, her emotional faith is as strong as her physical strength, bringing to climax justice being served while tears fill the eyes.

Ms. McDonald's voice is refreshing. Her narrative urges the reader to keep reading, and her characters are those you'll remember long after you've finished the book. I look forward to reading more of Ms. McDonald's work.

Julie Lence, author of western romance