Fire EyesFire Eyes is a wonderful story full of characters you'll love and those you'll hate. Jessica and Kaed's destined love for each other will warm your heart, making you wish for a happily-ever-after for them. Fallon and his Brigade are vicious in every respect and you can't help but hope they get what they deserve. I found the secondary story with Lilly and Tori heart wrenching as they cling to each other and pray that they can escape from Fallon's clutches. Kaed's fellow marshals were also a wonderful addition to the story, as the author portrays how their friendship and loyalty shape their lives. I have to say that Frank Hayes, who is young and still learning the ropes, is my favorite marshal.

Ms. Pierson has created a soulful tale about love, loyalty and friendships that last a lifetime. For those who like a bit of the paranormal in their story, there's a touching moment that is sure to make you smile.

Karen Michelle Nutt, (review from