Present for a Cowboy

Present for a CowboyChristmas is on the way and our western heroines are in search of the perfect Present for a Cowboy.

Livia J. Washburn’s "Tinseltown" kicks off this exciting holiday collection. Set in the Roaring ’20s in Hollywood, western movie actor Pecos must rescue a young woman in danger—and finds love in the bargain.

The rescue of a young, abused boy in Gail L. Jenner’s "Just in Time for Christmas" opens the door to love for a young woman and a loner who has sworn off relationships.

Linda Carroll-Bradd’s "Clari's Hero" features a man who views himself as anything but a hero—and a woman who shows him otherwise.

Lorrie Farrelly’s "Christmas Treasure" is an unexpected gift that can’t be measured in gold.

In Sarah J. McNeal’s story, a lonely widow’s perceived indiscretion may cost her and her cowboy their happiness "When Love Comes Knocking."

This sweet/sensual collection of wonderful Christmas stories has something for everyone.


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